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Nutrend turns its stim-free pre-workout Pump into a simpler shot-format supplement

Nutrend Pump Pre Workout Shot

Nutrend in Czechia has put its balanced and colorful stimulant-free pre-workout, simply titled Pump, into a more compact and convenient format to take with you absolutely anywhere and throw it down whenever you need. The supplement’s name, “Pump” is a bit misleading, as it does support other benefits, and it carries over almost all of that into the all-new Nutrend Pump Shot, aiming to deliver a pre-workout experience in a pocket-sized 60ml bottle.

The entire combination of ingredients and dosages found in the original Pump pre-workout supplement has not been brought over to the shot alternative, but it is close, with Nutrend keeping many of the main components like citrulline and beta-alanine, and varying dosages. The formula breakdown in the pre-workout shot consists of 2.5g of beta-alanine for performance, 2g of citrulline malate, a gram of arginine, 300mg of choline for focus, and 200m of gotu kola.

Basically, Nutrend’s Pump Shot is still stimulant-free, and while its dosages aren’t as significant as the powder pre-workout, it has a good amount of ingredients to support pumps, performance, and focus. Fans of the giant Czech supplement company do get a lighter, simpler, and shallower blend of benefits, although that is the sacrifice you make for the compact format in your choice of two tastes in Blackberry Lime and the Unicorn-branded candy recipe Rainbow.