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Platinum Pump takes a relatively comprehensive approach despite being stimulant-free

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pump Pre Workout

Platinum Pump Pre-Workout is one of the three new supplements currently rolling out in the UK and Europe under Optimum Nutrition’s non-Gold Standard Series, the Platinum Series. It is launching alongside the flagship pre-workout Platinum Pre-Workout, which it can be stacked with to really power up muscle pumps, and the muscle builder Platinum Creatine. Pump Pre-Workout is a bit more than the effect in its name, and like most products of this type, there are not stimulants.

Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Pump Pre-Workout is somewhat of a comprehensive pre-workout in its own right, supporting several common benefits; although being stimulant-free, it doesn’t have anything to enhance energy like Platinum Pre-Workout. The supplement does pack plenty to elevate pumps with a respectable 8g of straight citrulline, 33% more than Platinum Pre-Workout’s 6g, plus 2g of arginine, and patented and proven Fruitflow tomato concentrate for its better blood flow ability.

As mentioned, Optimum Nutrition has formulated Platinum Pump Pre-Workout for more than pumps, and that additional list of highlights includes a full 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance, half a gram each of the electrolyte sources Aquamin and CocoMineral, and 200mg of choline bitartrate for focus. It has something for almost everything except for energy, but again, you can stack Platinum Pump with Platinum Pre-Workout for some energy and a step up in pump and performance.

Optimum Nutrition is not launching as many flavors for Platinum Pump Pre-Workout as it has Platinum Pre-Workout but it’s close in two with the classic citrusy recipe Lemon Lime and an even more traditional Blue Raspberry. The stimulantless supplement has 20 maximum servings per tub to last you a month training a typical five times every week, and it will be hitting shelves at the same price as the brand’s stimulant-backed alternative and stackable competitor at £29.99 (37.71 USD).