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Optimum follows its US expansion with a Platinum Series pre-workout for Europe

Optimum Nutrition Europe Platinum Pre Workout

Optimum Nutrition in the US recently rolled out two completely new supplements under its Platinum Series, with Platinum Igniter featuring a formula somewhat similar to the previously released Gold Standard Pre-Workout and the creatine-infused protein powder Platinum Rebuild. It now appears to be the UK and Europe’s turn, as the legendary sports nutrition brand has released a family of Platinum-branded products in that part of the world, three in total, to be specific.

This post goes over the pre-workout of Optimum Nutrition’s UK and Europe Platinum Series extensions, which is appropriately called Platinum Pre-Workout. The formula powering the supplement is different from that of Platinum Igniter here in the US, but it does have a similar sort of mindset. The international giant has brought together a moderate-sized selection of reliable ingredients at respectable dosages for all of your core benefits in energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Pre-Workout squeezes a huge 6g of straight citrulline into each serving alongside a full 3.2g of beta-alanine to drive performance. For focus and energy there is 200mg of natural caffeine, a moderate amount but scaleable. Another one of the highlights of the supplement is a rare feature, but not never seen before and it’s a core part nonetheless in the all-important BCAA, leucine, included at 3g in each of the 20 servings per bottle for recovery.

Platinum Pre-Workout is again, one of three new products in the UK and Europe from Optimum Nutrition, the other two being Platinum Pump and Platinum Creatine Plus. The complete collection can all be used together to complement and amplify one another, especially the stimulant-free, pump-powering supplement. Platinum Pre-Workout is rolling out into stores and stockists in Blue Raspberry, Tropical, and Fruit Punch flavors and should carry a price of around £29.99 (37.72 USD).