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Panda Vs Gorilla makes its return this Friday in two all-new exclusive flavors

Panda Supplements X Black Market Return Of Panda Vs Gorilla

Panda Supplements and Black Market are two of the most experienced when it comes to inter-brand collaborations, as the pair have created more partnership products than almost anyone else, and they’ve done one together with the limited edition Panda Vs Gorilla. The supplement gets its name from the two sports nutrition companies’ mascots, a panda for Panda, and gorilla for Black Market, and it is about to make a return after hitting the market for the first time just over a year ago.

Panda Supplements and Black Market are bringing back Panda Vs Gorilla in all of its original glory, keeping every ingredient and dosage the same, including its two-figure 10g of citrulline malate per serving, 600mg of alpha-GPC, 150mg of eria jarensis, and 400mg of caffeine. To make the resurrection of the Panda Vs Gorilla pre-workout even more exciting, the brands have put together new flavors, leaving behind Panda’s exclusive Bloody Peach Gummy and Black Market’s Gorilla Rage.

When Panda Vs Gorilla officially becomes available again this coming Friday, Panda Supplements is going to be selling it in its online store in Panda’s Blood, a red gummy bear recipe, and Black Market will have Gorilla’s Blood, a mango strawberry sherbet, each of them being exclusive to their respective brand.