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Pandy sweetens its Rehydrate menu with a refreshing Raspberry Blackcurrant

Pandy Rehydrate Raspberry Blackcurrant

Hydration supplements come in all different shapes and sizes, including bulk-flavored powder, delicious beverages, and the significantly less common but traditional effervescent tablets. These are the rather large pills that you throw in a glass or bottle of water and watch as it dissolves into the solution and leaves you with a flavored and functional drink. Pandy approaches the hydration space in that very format under its health and wellness Active Series with a previously two-flavor product named Rehydrate.

Pandy has finally added another taste to the menu of its Active Series Rehydrate, electrolyte-filled effervescent tablets, where the original and previously very lonely Green Apple Elderberry and Passion Peach have been joined by a refreshing berry experience. Making it three options for the hydration, performance, and recovery-supporting supplement is Raspberry Blackcurrant, and you can grab it straight away from Pandy’s online store in tubes of several servings or a bundle of 12 where one is basically free.

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