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Pandy welcomes effervescent electrolyte tablets to its growing Active Series

Pandy Rehydrate

Pandy was originally and still is a highly competitive functional food company out of Sweden, first known for its delicious, low-sugar, and low-calorie candy. The brand recently did something we’ve seen a few functional companies do and expand into sports nutrition supplements with the Pandy Active line, previously consisting of Whey Protein and Protein Pancake Mix.

Pandy is growing its sports nutrition side once again this month, seeing that relatively small group of Whey Protein and Protein Pancake Mix joined by Rehydrate. Pandy Active’s Rehydrate is indeed a hydration-supporting supplement, featuring key electrolytes; however, instead of coming in pills or powder, the brand has produced the product in effervescent tablets.

If you’ve never come across the format before, all you do with effervescent tablets is throw one in a cup of water, wait for it to dissolve, then drink for the benefits, which in the case of Pandy’s Rehydrate is better hydration and performance. The product is rolling out to stores in Sweden as of writing this in two flavors, Green Apple Elderberry and Passion Peach.