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GAAM reveals the exact taste behind its mysterious Flavor Unknown energy drink

Pomegranate Flavor Unknown Gaam Energy

GAAM Nutrition gave the mystery strategy a run recently, where it released a flavor of its signature carbonated energy drink, GAAM Energy, called Flavor Unknown. It left it up to fans to figure out what exactly the product tasted like, as clearly the name didn’t give absolutely anything away; no mention of a taste or direction. These things always make for an entertaining launch as they encourage fans to get in and try what is guaranteed to be something different, share their experience, and say what they think it is.

After about a month or so on the market, GAAM Nutrition has shared what the Flavor Unknown GAAM Energy Drink actually was, answering all of the questions its followers had and solving the mystery once and for all. If you were on the side thinking it was something fruity then you’d be in the right area as it has turned out to be Pomegranate. It’s certainly not a common taste for an energy drink, but one we have seen touched on before, and now that the cat’s out of the bag, anyone who didn’t want to take the risk can grab Flavor Unknown GAAM Energy from the retailer Proteinbolaget in singles can cases.