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Prep seasoning from Panda and Jeffrey Harris is about to get another six flavors

Panda Supplements Six More Prep Seasonings

Panda Supplements and health and nutrition influencer Jeffrey Harris did something a little different to close out last year, and that was launching a line of clean and premium seasonings called Prep. All of the product’s options are made with real ingredients, low sodium, and debuted in an impressive variety of flavors considering it only just hit the market. The initial lineup consisted of Cinnamon Honey Butter, Herb & Butter, Roasted Veggies, Taco Tuesday, Texas Heat, and Jefe Special.

Next week that selection is being doubled in size essentially, as Panda Supplements and Jeffrey Harris have announced that another six options are joining the menu. None of the extensions have been named yet, but they’ll continue the same approach as the originals with a clean set of ingredients, low sodium, and tasty flavors. There will be six new tastes available for Panda Supplements Prep seasoning, and as mentioned, they’re all hitting next week at $10.99 each.