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Dion Sanders’ long-awaited Primetime Punch energy drink is right around the corner

Primetime Punch Redcon1 Energy Almost Here

Two-time Brand Of The Year Redcon1 included a sneak peek at an upcoming collaboration back when it announced its partnership with the one-and-only Coach Prime, Dion Sanders. For those who may have missed it, the sports nutrition company shared a preview of Coach Prime’s very own flavor of the Redcon1 Energy Drink, called Primetime Punch. The branding on the can has also been switched up with a special edition design, including an autograph to truly authenticate the collaboration.

We first got word of the Primetime Punch Redcon1 Energy Drink three or four months ago, and this week there is a promising update, suggesting the partnership product is not far away and closer than ever to becoming available. The brand has just got in a case of a seemingly finalized version of the flavor in a polished printed can, suggesting it may have done a complete production run or it’s doing one last check to ensure everything is on point; either way, it sounds like it’s right around the corner.

For those wondering about the taste of Redcon1 and Dion Sanders’ Primetime Punch energy drink, looking at the packaging, it is going to be packed full of a variety of sweet and familiar fruits. The experience appears to bring together strawberry, orange, pineapple, and pear, which should make for a refreshing experience if it hits in all of those areas. When Primetime Punch eventually hits shelves, it’ll have all of the usual features of the Redcon1 Energy Drink, including B vitamins, metabolism-supporting carnitine, taurine, alpha-GPC for focus, and an energizing 200mg of natural caffeine.