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ProScience expands its pre-workout into energy drinks with one for performance and the other for anytime

Proscience Intenze Ready And Vitality

ProScience in Colombia has caught on to the trend of canned and carbonated energy with an intriguing approach of two separate products, one called Intenze Ready and the other is Intenze Vitality. Either way you go, the beverage is packed in the slim and sleek 12oz or 330ml for Europe, type can, although here it is a little short but equally thin with a volume of 295ml. The differences between the two ProScience Intenze drinks are distinct, but they’re not separated by the usual stimulant and stimulant-free approach.

Both Intenze Ready and Intenze Vitality have caffeine in this and at the same amount of 95mg in that compact 295ml can. The other ingredients included in each product is what separates them, both in terms of overall effects and the situation you’d put them to use. Intenze Ready is more of a pre-workout beverage, combining that 95mg of caffeine with theanine, betaine, beta-alanine, citrulline, creatine, B vitamins, and BCAAs: all common components of a pre-workout and intra-workout, supporting energy, performance, strength, and recovery.

As for ProScience’s Intenze Vitality, again, that also has 95mg of caffeine, but not an overly performance-driven blend of ingredients compared Intenze Ready. Vitalty feels more of a lighter, less exercise orientated alternative, still featuring citrulline as well as taurine, agmatine, theanine, and B vitamins. Notably there is no beta-alanine, betaine, creatine, or BCAAs, all of which offer support in the area of exercise and performance, hence why Intenze Vitality comes off as something more for throughout the day.

ProScience fans will already be familiar with the Intenze name as it is the title of the brand’s flagship pre-workout, which has many of those same ingredients, including the citrulline, beta-alanine, creatine, and BCAAs. The energy drinks Intenze Ready and Intense Vitality are out now and available for purchase in ProScience’s home country of Colombia in singles, packs of six and cases of 12, with one flavor each: for the workout supporting Intenze Ready the taste is a classic Fruit Punch and for Intenze Vitality its Blueberry.