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PVL reveals the well-put-together formula powering its hydration debut ProH2O

Pvl Proh2o

After getting a first look at ProH2O, PVL’s upcoming hydration supplement, a complete breakdown of its ingredients and dosages has been shared, letting fans and sports nutrition enthusiasts know exactly what they’re getting into with this one. ProH2O is an all-out hydration product built primarily to support and improve the areas of hydration, performance, and recovery, and that is reflected in its completely transparent formula, which has been in the works at PVL for about a year.

PVL’s ProH2O hits all five key electrolytes, those five being the common sodium and potassium, as well as calcium, magnesium, and chloride. The exact amounts of those electrolytes in every serving of the supplement are 430mg of sodium and 190mg of potassium, 580mg of chloride, 30mg of calcium, and 42mg of magnesium. There are a few other features in the product, including a blend of amino acids as a transport method, including taurine and BCAAs, and various vitamins.

Pvl Proh2o Label

The combination is exactly what fans and followers have come to expect from PVL, with ProH2O being a comprehensive and incredibly well-thought-out formulation. It’ll most certainly do the job of meeting and supporting the hydration needs of a hard-working athlete and leader of an active lifestyle, more so than a lot of the competition, as the brand calls out. The supplement is hitting shelves shortly in tubs of 30 servings, lasting six weeks if you train five times a week, and in three zero sugar and calories-free flavors with Berry Blast, Orange Krush’D, and Arctic Breeze flavors.