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QNT rolls together six common ingredients for its newest pre-workout competitor

Qnt Overdrive Pre Workout

QNT is one of the longer-standing sports nutrition brands in Europe that has an incredibly well-established reputation and competes in all sorts of categories, including pre-workout, although for the month of May, it has stepped up its level of competitiveness in that space. The brand has debuted its all-new Overdrive Pre-Workout, which isn’t supremely complex in terms of variety of ingredients, but the handful of features it does have are reliable and respectably dosed.

The Overdrive Pre-Workout from QNT has six key ingredients, all of which you’ll be more than familiar with if you regularly use supplements of this sort, especially if you buy within the US. For performance there is 4g of beta-alanine, powering the pump side of things is a rather light gram of citrulline, a gram of arginine, another gram of taurine, a low 1g of creatine monohydrate for muscle strength and power, and lastly, a moderately level of caffeine at 200mg for energy.

Those dosages certainly aren’t anything to write home about; they could be a bit better if you have a double serving, although with the maximum amount suggested being one serving and two servings pushing you up to 8g of beta-alanine, it does throw things out of balance. Either way, the Overdrive Pre-Workout is out now in QNT’s local market of Europe, and while its dosages are low, its menu is not, with four options in Lemon, Raspberry, Mango, and Cherry Lime.