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Real Pharm adds another creatine to its stockpile with a Creapure-powered product

Real Pharm Creatine Gold Edition

European brands have some of the most extensive selections of sports nutrition products available, going well beyond your typical US competitor. They tend to tap into all of the major categories in that part of the world and are not afraid to double up in some areas, which is what we’ve got this month from Realm Pharm. The brand has revealed and released another creatine product, something it already has a mountain of with the likes of Creastack, Crea-HCL, TCM in powder and capsules, classic monohydrate-based Creatine, and the five-form Size Grow.

The newest entry into the space from Real Pharm is Creatine Gold Edition, which has been given that more premium title due to the type of creatine it features. The supplement is basically a standalone creatine monohydrate, although instead of the standard version of the muscle performance, strength, and power ingredient, you get the gold standard, as they call it, CreaPure. The product has 250g of bulk unflavored powder per bottle, working out to a respectable 50 servings at the usual 5g, and you can get it directly from the brand at zł69 (17.62 USD).