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Redcon1 shares a sneak peek at its Total War-branded return to energy shots

Redcon1 Reveals Total War Shot

Redcon1 got into the business of energy shots a few years ago with FUBAR, and it was a pretty high-energy supplement, packing a potent 400mg of caffeine alongside a few other sensory components by way of kola nut, schisandra, and theobromine. That product was eventually discontinued, although it the two-time Brand Of The Year’s ongoing effort to strengthen the Total War name, Redcon1 is moving back into that category with a Total War Shot.

A preview has been shared of Redcon1’s upcoming Total War Shot, and it will indeed add to the already diverse selection of Total War supplements out there, joining the recently released Total War Pump, Total War RTD, and, of course, the original Total War powder pre-workout. The Total War Shot won’t be as high in caffeine as the original FUBAR, coming in 25% lower at 300mg in a pocket-sized 3oz bottle, and it is going to have several flavors to choose from.

Four different tastes for the Total War Shot have been previewed in Arctic Berry, a citrusy Orange Crush, Grape Freeze, and Watermelon Invasion; all familiar fruity experiences and all providing that relatively strong and quick-hitting 300mg of caffeine. There will be other active ingredients in the innovation but the core purpose of the next Redcon1 extension to its Total War family is to provide a reliable source of energy squeezed into a compact 3oz shot bottle.