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Rule One continues its rebrand into its multivitamins just in time for its Memorial Day sale

Rule One Rebrands Mens Womens Multi

Rule One started the year with a fresh new look, bringing a simpler, cleaner, and more modern look to its vast selection of sports nutrition products, all while keeping things familiar for longtime fans of the brand. On top of the rebrand, Rule One added a bunch of new items by way of completely new supplements and additional flavors. That look wasn’t extended across to everything the brand has available right out of the gate; it has been a more gradual process, and this week, it continues to spread into its Men’s and Women’s Multis.

Rule One has not changed absolutely anything on the ingredient and dosage side of its Men’s Multi or Women’s Multi, keeping their formulas intact and exactly how fans have come to expect from the supplements. It is purely the outside appearance of the multivitamin products that has been switched up, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The relaunch of Rule One’s Men’s and Women’s Multis has gone live alongside its Memorial Day sale, where you can save a genuinely huge 40% on everything it has available on its website.

Basically, instead of paying $26.99 and $21.99 for a bottle of 30 servings of Rule One’s Men’s Multi or Women’s Multi, it is $16.99 and $13.19, respectively, again, a massive saving of 40%. The brand has also updated the look of its double-sized 60-serving option of Men’s Multi, something you don’t get for the Women’s version, and, of course, it is more cost-effective, even more so during the Memorial Day sale down to $27.99.