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Rule One revamps the look of its lineup, adds new products, and drops several flavor extensions

Rule One Proteins non-protein Rebrand

The day has come, and Rule One Proteins has shared what it vaguely teased last week, and it is significantly more than we expected. It makes a lot more sense as to why the widely available and hugely popular sports nutrition brand kept a lot of details under wraps as the development essentially applies to the brand’s entire selection. Basically, Rule One has completely revamped the look of all of its products outside of protein powder, which includes the likes of Whey Blend, Clean Gainer, and the more recent Source7 Protein.

Rule One Proteins’ rebrand involves a few key points, starting with a simplified look that sticks to just text details and the number “1”, and the design is consistent across all of the supplements it’s been applied to except for the health and wellness items featuring a white background instead of black. The revamped appearance comes across as more refined and uniform, but that is only part of it for Rule One, as alongside the makeover, a whole bunch of flavors and a few completely new products have been added to its catalog.

Some of the sports nutrition innovations Rule One Proteins has brought to market with its rebrand include the BCAA-based amino cocktail Active BCAAs and the comprehensive nootropic Energized Cognition backed by premium nooLVL. Everything is being uploaded to the brand’s official online store today, at, with the revamped labels taking over those that came before it, and almost every previously released supplement has landed a new flavor like Grape Essential Amino 9 and Blue Razz Lytes.

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