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Skinny Food turns classic ring biscuits into a collagen-based high-protein treat

Skinny Food Co Celebration Rings

Coming off the release of its no-sugar and low-calorie Cocoa and Coconut Cookies, the innovative UK-based functional food company The Skinny Food Co has details on yet another intriguing product that is coming down the pipeline, which is similarly shaped. The ever-expanding brand has taken the classic ring or hoop-shape biscuit and made it a better-for-you and impressively high-protein treat in two delicious flavors, both of which look and sound reasonably good.

Coming soon from The Skinny Food Co are Chocaholic High Protein Celebration Rings; again, they’re hoop or, in this case, ring-shaped biscuits covered in chocolate, and to reinforce that “Celebration” title, they have sprinkles thrown across them. There are two flavors: one is a straight chocolate with colorful rainbow sprinkles stuck to its top, and the other is a smooth red velvet featuring a white chocolate coating and single-color red sprinkles, fitting for the flavor.

The all-important nutrition on the Chocaholic High Protein Celebration Rings is high in protein, considering it’s based on a reasonably light 37g bag of biscuits, providing 11 to 12g of protein, 11g of fat, and 1.9 to 2.5g of carbohydrates, a gram or less of that sugar, combing together for a total of 165 to 168 calories. The protein is mostly certainly there at around 12g in 37g, but it is worth noting it is primarily from collagen, not whey or anything like that. Over at, you can get the chocolate flavor of the two with red velvet not available just yet.