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Ever-innovative Skinny Food releases bite-sized cocoa and coconut cookies with no sugar

The Skinny Food Co Coconut And Cocoa Cookies

The fun and interesting part about the functional food market in the UK and Europe is the variety of products they pump out, and we don’t mean different tastes, flavors, and special edition options. The catch in that part of the world is they put protein and low-calorie nutrition profiles into all different shapes, sizes, and formats, including protein muffins, ready-to-eat pancakes, puddings, and more. The Skinny Food Co is one of the quickest when it comes to this and is proving that this week in another innovation.

The Skinny Food Co in the UK, and easily accessible and available for purchase from most countries around the world, has introduced Sugar Free Coconut Cookies and Sugar Free Chocaholic Cocoa Cookies. Both of the products are boxes of cookies, and true to their names, they’re low in sugar. The Coconut Cookies are inspired by the classic treat of the same name with Cocoa Cookies being all-out, decadent chocolate cookies, and both of the items have about 4g of carbohydrates a cookie and around 25 calories.

The Skinny Food Co’s Sugar Free Coconut Cookies and Chocaholic Cocoa Cookies are available for purchase straight from its website at a very low £2.49 for a rather large box of 18 pieces, so the cookies are not big. Again, it is another different format from the functional food company, and it is made with maltitol, so be mindful of how much you eat, as it can lead to some explosive and uncomfortable side effects.