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SNS makes yet another rare standalone product centered around Polytropic polygala tenufolia

Sns Polygala Xt

Serious Nutrition Solutions has added another quality and rather rare standalone supplement to its arsenal, something we’ve seen it do many times before, hence why it’s managed to amass such a sizable selection of single-ingredient products. Just last month, we were introduced to Prime XT, featuring the incredibly hard-to-find tribulus aquaticus, and this week it is following that up with a supplement dedicated entirely to polygala tenufolia extract as sort of a stackable focus, mood, and well-being supporter.

The latest innovation out of Serious Nutrition Solutions is Polygala XT, and that, again, centers around polygala tenufolia extract to support enhanced mood and focus, motivation, cognition, well-being and stress, and better rest and relaxation. It is quite a multi-purpose ingredient, and the brand hasn’t used standard polygala tenufolia; it called on the help of Polytropic polygala tenufolia extract, a seemingly better quality version from Innovative Ingredients, although it is very difficult to find any additional information on it.

The Polytropic-powered Polygala XT is available first through Serious Nutrition Solutions’ online store and the price isn’t all that high, but at the same time, it is a standalone supplement, not a complex competitor made up of a variety of ingredients and dosages. For a full-size bottle of 180 capsules, each with 100mg of Polytropic polygala tenufolia extract, you’ll pay $29.99, and that will last you two months if you use the product as directed and take a single-capsule serving three times a day.