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Sour gummy candy flavor coming to NutraBio’s liquid carnitine at the end of the month

Sour Gummy Candy Nutrabio Liquid Carnitine

NutraBio got into the bulk liquid format of supplements near the end of last year with LeanShots L-Carnitine 3000. The product is a straight liquid carnitine competitor, where you get a title-relevant 3,000mg of carnitine to enhance metabolism and support weight loss. The reputable brand is known heavily for its quality ingredients and manufacturing, as well as great flavor systems, especially in its handful of recent flavor-heavy items like Creatine Burst, Clear Protein, and, of course, L-Carnitine 3000.

NutraBio debuted LeanShots L-Carnitine 3000 in three different flavors, one classic with a blue raspberry recipe named Blue Razz, a familiar Green Apple, and a candy-inspired Peach Rings. The long-running and religiously transparent brand has unveiled its first extension to the menu of the bulk liquid supplement, which is going to be a sour gummy candy. That’ll make it two sweet candy creations to choose from for the product, and it is due to hit the market and NutraBio’s online store at the end of the month.