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BUM Energy and C4 Energy’s latest flavor innovations draw the crowd

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As promised, a new and regular feature we’ve recently started here at Stack3d is Best Of The Week, where we take a look at our top posts or most read posts page, and put the spotlight on the biggest stories from the last seven days. You can keep an eye on the ever-changing rankings of the popular posts we’ve shared over at, and it does change as often as every hour based on the attention of all of the news we’ve posted from the current day to the same day one week prior.

The biggest developments from the past week include the reveal of Nutrabolics’ newest pre-workout Supernova Legacy, our inhouse research on innovations in the hydration category versus amino acids, and a bunch of energy drinks developments. The gaming supplement company Dubby jumped into the fray of energy drinks with premium CognatiQ, C4 Energy Drink got another authentic flavor in Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red, and we got a preview of the intriguing Champion Mentality BUM Energy.

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