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EAA-backed recovery and Yuth-powered cellular health come together in Unmatched’s amino

Unmatched Longevity Eaa

Unmatched Supplements has revealed the formula behind the fourth and final product that is going to be a part of its debut, which is kicking off a week from tomorrow on Thursday the 6th of June. The launch is going to include the pre-workouts BH2K and Dissident, the fat-burning hydration effort Electro Shred, and the item we have in the spotlight today, Longevity EAA. The last one on that list will indeed be an amino cocktail, although as you can tell by the name, it’s not a typical amino.

Longevity EAA from Unmatched Supplements features a full spectrum of essential amino acids to support muscle recovery and repair at a moderate 5g per serving. That breaks down into 3.5g of BCAAs at the traditional 2:1:1 ratio, and the remaining 1.5g is spread across the other six EAAs. Further bolstering the amino acid content in the product is 2g of glutamine, then alongside all of that is where you get the point of difference with three uncommon ingredients for an amino supplement.

Unmatched Supplements Longevity Eaa Label

Unmatched Supplements Longevity EAA combines its title-mentioned EAAs with 125mg of the master antioxidant as it’s referred to, Setria glutathione, 100mg of the Spectra superfood blend, and to drive home the longevity and anti-aging aspect, Yuth spermidine. Yuth is from the ingredient powerhouse Compound Solutions and is a patent-pending polyamine relied on for its ability to replace and revitalize cells for healthy aging as well as cognitive health and function.

It’s not often you see mainstream categories switch up or change around, but that is what Kris Gethin and Doug Miller’s brand Unmatched Supplements has done in Longevity EAA and something it also did a bit in its fat-burning hydration formula, Electro Shred. As mentioned earlier, BH2K, Dissident, Electro Shred, and Longevity EAA will all be making their debut on Thursday of next week through, where you can currently still sign up for early access to the launch.