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Electro Shred sees Unmatched bring together a variety of benefits for the hydration space

Unmatched Supplements Electro Shred

Electro Shred is the third supplement to be revealed by Kris Gethin and Doug Miller’s upcoming brand, Unmatched Supplements, and true to its name, it is a hybrid formula, bringing together hydration benefits as well as weight management. As we continue to build toward the debut of the long-awaited and highly-anticipated brand, Gethin’s first major supplement outing since his departure from Kaged, the team has shared the formula behind Electro Shred, showing off what is powering its various benefits.

Unmatched Supplement is indeed a combination of hydration and weight loss, but it actually goes even further than that. On the hydration side, the brand does not disappoint, bringing together a host of quality electrolyte sources to support hydration, performance, and recovery. There is half a gram of coconut water, Albion chelated minerals, Calci-K, and the fulvic ionic mineral complex Ioniplex. The complete electrolyte breakdown consists of 50mg of calcium, 25mg of phosphorus, 40mg of chloride, 125mg of magnesium, 300mg of potassium, and 200mg of sodium.

Unmatched Supplements Electro Shred Label

As you can see in the facts panel above, the formula continues far beyond the hydration portion, with Unmatched Supplements’ Electro Shred also featuring a gram of taurine, 100mg of the premium PhytoServ health and wellness superfood blend, and to enhance metabolism and weight loss, half a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine. The fat-burning part of Electro Shred is there, but hydration is the star of the show on this one, giving a well-put-together blend of ingredients to support that core benefit and lead to better performance and endurance.

Like the pre-workout BH2K and the stimulant-free pre-workout competitor Dissident, Electro Shred will be a part of Unmatched Supplements’ initial debut, which we have to imagine is right around the corner. The upcoming Kris Gethin brand has not set an exact date for when it is going to become available, although again, we have to imagine it is not far away. Unmatched Supplements has been teasing, previewing, and building up its launch for the last couple of months, so be sure to stay locked here at Stack3d.