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UXO is in the final stages of its premium pre-workout which has one of the biggest serving sizes ever

Uxo Supplements Finishing Touches To M777 Pre Workout

The world of premium pre-workouts has become immensely competitive, with far more competitors in this section of the high-powered, fast-moving category than ever before. Just to clarify what a premium pre-workout is, as it does come up a lot here at Stack3d, it’s essentially a pre-workout that sits far above the cost of your typical entry, and it justifies all of that with a loaded formula. These can range in price, going anywhere from $45 to $99; it all depends on where a brand’s mainstream pre-workout sits.

The sub-category or sub-division of pre-workouts is about to get that little bit busier, as a well-known player in the sports nutrition ring has announced it is cooking something up, and it sounds incredibly promising. The team at UXO Supplements is in the final stages of designing, formulating, and polishing off its premium pre-workout codenamed M777, and it is going to have an absolutely huge 49g serving size, 1g more than the biggest we’d ever seen in PreCre from the discontinued Muscle Elements.

UXO Supplements is currently working on the finishing touches of its M777 pre-workout, such as the color, mixability, and taste, but the promise of a 49g serving size is not going to change. While we don’t know what any of the ingredients are that are going to be in this, with a serving that large, it won’t be missing much. Just under 50g is more than enough room to cover all of the core pre-workout benefits of energy, focus, pumps, performance, and more, and we have to imagine there will be a few twists.

More details are due to be shared for UXO Supplements M777 packed-out premium pre-workout in the coming weeks, all the way leading up to its inevitable launch, and with the biggest serving size in the history of pre-workouts, there will be a lot to be shared. We certainly look forward to seeing all of this unfold and finding out the makeup of the massive array of ingredients and dosages jammed into the product and, of course, getting our hands on it and experiencing it firsthand in the gym.