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Viking Power rampages on into the specialized category of glucose disposal agents

Viking Power Gungnir

The unstoppable Swedish house brand Viking Power from the reputable retailer MM Sports is back again, in an incredible fifth feature in about one week’s time, and the majority of those times it’s graced our headlines, it has not been for anything simple or straightforward. In the last little bit, the powerhouse brand has released three completely new supplements and a flavor, and keeping the strong pace this week is another innovation introducing the glucose disposal agent Gungnir.

Like the many other Viking Power supplements, Gungnir’s name is based in Norse mythology, fitting for the brand located in Scandinavia, and is actually Odin’s spear that legendarily never missed a target. That is also appropriate for a glucose disposal agent, which is a type of product specifically designed to help your body better utilize carbohydrates. This can result in a whole host of benefits, such as improved performance, recovery, muscle pumps, weight management, and growth.

3 Capsule Serving
Bitter Melon500mg
Banaba Extract500mg
Cinnamon Extract250mg
Grains Of Paradise40mg
Black Pepper10mg

If you’re at all familiar with Viking Power’s catalog of supplements and have been following its many recent developments, you’ll know it puts together quality formulations, despite the intense rules and regulations it goes through in the European market as well as its own country. The brand has done a respectable job in Gungnir, especially since you don’t see GDAs almost ever in its market, packing several highlights into the product in 40mg of grains of paradise, 250mg of cinnamon extract, half a gram each of banana and bitter melon, 200mg of berberine, and chromium at 300mcg.

Again, Viking Power has delivered well in Gungnir, giving consumers plenty of tools to help and encourage the body to come through on the purpose of a glucose disposal agent and get more out of your glucose intake than usual. The price of Gungnir through MM Sports’ online store is right around its mountain of other sports nutrition supplements at 399kr (36.83 USD) for a bottle of 30 servings, and keep in mind you can use this sporadically with meals, it doesn’t necessarily need to be daily.