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RYSE sets a date for when you can get your hands on its Cosmic Brownies protein powder

Where To Buy Cosmic Brownies Ryse Protein Powder

RYSE proved that authentic collaborations can still very much capture a crowd and industry when it announced earlier this week that it has teamed up with the iconic Little Debbie to turn its signature Cosmic Brownies into a flavor of protein powder. The hugely popular brand shared the first look at its authentic Cosmic Brownies Loaded Protein Powder, put together in partnership with Little Debbie itself to ensure the brand nails all of the necessary tastes and flavors to best represent the legendary treat.

The only question left lingering after confirmation of RYSE’s Cosmic Brownies Loaded Protein Powder was when and where you would be able to get your hands on the product. It appears that the wait will finally be over in just over one week from today, as the day the authentic flavor collaboration is going live is the 17th of May, Friday of next week. The brand has gone even more specific and said it’s hitting at midday Central Time, which we’re gathering is in reference to its official online store over at

As for as the ingredients and nutrition go for RYSE’s highly-anticipated Cosmic Brownies Loaded Protein Powder, they’ll continue what you get in all of the supplement’s other delicious flavors, packing 25g of protein from whey isolate and concentrate and 130 to 150 calories. The taste on Cosmic Brownies is intended to replicate or at least come close to the nostalgic experience of Little Debbie’s original product, and to drive home the authentic taste, RYSE has sprinkled inclusions throughout the protein powder.