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Zombie Labs teases a fat burner, hydration, protein powder or collagen-based product

Zombie Labs Previews A Mysterious Potential Protein

Zombie Labs in Australia has shared a teaser for its next big supplement drop, and it isn’t far away from being revealed and released. The video features what looks to be a relatively sizeable tub, maybe a 1lb or typical 2lb bottle, which fits many different sports nutrition categories, including intra-workout, amino cocktail, and protein powder. Fortunately, the Newcomer Of The Year winner for 2023 has shared a list of possible categories for the product, and it does nail things down as it’s not long.

The teaser from Zombie Labs suggests its next completely new supplement could be either a thermogenic, hydration formula, protein powder, or collagen-based effort. Based on the size of the bottle’s silhouette, we’re guessing it is either a protein or collagen, as fat burners don’t tend to get that large, nor do hydration products. That said, Zombie may have pulled together a stacked intra-workout, with hydration being one of the many areas of performance that it supports and taps into.

As mentioned, the complete unveiling of Zombie Labs’ latest innovation is not far away, with the colorful Australian sports nutrition competitor looking to introduce the mysterious supplement near the end of this week on Thursday. That is also Thursday local time, so Wednesday evening for those of us here in the US, and, of course, we’ll have all of the details for you to check out at

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