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Zombie Labs and its well-rounded selection of supplements win Newcomer Of The Year

Zombie Labs Newcomer Of The Year

The number of newcomers this year standing out in the sports nutrition industry with high-powered consistency and output wasn’t as high as in previous years, although the few that drove it home did so incredibly impressively. The one that stood above it all and deservedly takes home our annual Newcomer Of The Year Award is actually not from the US, which has been the case once before in the few years the sub-category has been around, with Australia’s Zombie Labs taking home the title.

Zombie Labs made its entrance with the same amount of supplements to choose from as one of our other Newcomer Of The Year nominees, with four in the stimulant pre-workouts Cross-Eyed and Infected, the pump pre-workout Pumpz, and the fat burner Molotov. While that selection is a great way to start a brand and attract new users due to its variety and presence in major areas of the industry, that wasn’t what drove home the win for Zombie Labs.

The apocalyptic branded Australian supplement company didn’t rest on what it started with, far from it. In the months following its well-received debut, Zombie Labs went non-stop, keeping things interesting and exciting right through until the end of the year. The brand dropped a whole bunch of flavors for some of its original products, including a collaboration for an exclusive option of Cross-Eyed for the retailer Supplement Mart, and it even did a full flavor series in Gruesome Grape.

Zombie Labz Musclez Protein Powder

In between the many different flavors Zombie Labs rolled out, it released a standalone creatine for fans to easily add the muscle-building ingredient to their current stack or workout combination, and it went all in on an advanced protein powder by way of Musclez. The supplement not only gave fans something to fill the protein position in their purchases, but it was a step up on the formula side, combining a premium whey blend with the absorption and digestion-enhancers DigeZyme and AstraGin, and to top it off, Zombie Labs introduced Musclez with a huge eight different flavors.

Zombie Labs purely did what we look for in any of our Brand Of The Year Awards, specifically the Newcomer side in this case, by consistently expanding and offering consumers more. It made some noise when it dropped with its variety of pre-workouts and a fat burner, all packing reliable ingredients and dosages. It then furthered that reach with creatine and protein powder while keeping things interesting with new flavor experiences, all leading to winning the 2023 Newcomer Of The Year Award.