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AfterDark takes on fan feedback and is mixing up the formula for its limited flavors

Afterdark Limited Formulas For Special Edition Flavors

The brick-and-mortar-exclusive supplement company AfterDark recently released another series of special edition flavors of its signature stimulant pre-workout Inhuman, featuring a fun and intriguing twist centered around The Matrix family of films. There are two flavors in the collection, both available for a limited time in Iced Gummy, representing the blue pill to stay within The Matrix and under its illusion, and Tropical Gummy, the red pill to be set free and out of The Matrix.

Interestingly, a comment was made on social media about AfterDark potentially changing the formula for these limited edition flavors of Inhuman, as opposed to keeping their ingredients and dosages exactly the same as the standard options. This would be similar to what we’ve seen from Ghost throughout the years in its ambassador collaborations, as well as a few other companies, and it turns out that AfterDark is taking the feedback on board and making it happen.

The fast-growing and popular brand has confirmed its next special edition series of flavors for its signature pre-workout Inhuman will indeed have a new and alternative formula to what fans are currently used to. AfterDark has proven it knows how to put together a pre-workout that hits in the areas of energy, focus, and performance, and now it is seemingly going to elevate that for the temporary tastes it does, in particular its next one, which sounds like it’s already in the works.