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AfterDark wants you to decide between the red pill or the blue pill in its latest limited launch

Afterdark Inhuman Matrix Series

AfterDark proved it could put together some eye-catching special edition products, although with the style it exudes in its marketing and regular branding, that isn’t too surprising. Last year we got the incredibly awesome Halloween Series of three flavors of the brand’s potent pre-workout Inhuman, each featuring a label design inspired by a classic horror film. Fast forward to this month, and the reputable, brick-and-mortar exclusive AfterDark is about to drop another unmissable collection.

Up next from AfterDark for its reliable and effective selection of products are two limited-edition flavors of the pre-workout Inhuman once again, and this time, they’re themed around The Matrix. The label design of the series certainly reflects that inspiration, but that’s not where it ends. As mentioned, there are two flavors in the collection: one is Iced Gummy, which has a blue pill on it, and the other is Tropical Gummy, with a red pill, mimicking The Matrix’s choice of the red and blue pill.

No matter which way you go, the red pill or blue pill — Tropical Gummy or Iced Gummy — you get the usual formula found in the Inhuman pre-workout, including 5g of citrulline malate, a potent 1.5mg of alpha yohimbine, premium NeuroRush, and a combined 375mg of energizing caffeine. The always interesting AfterDark is looking to launch its Matrix-inspired flavors of Inhuman in a little less than one week, this coming Monday, and it’ll be available to all of its loyal retail partners.