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Newly unveiled ViON on the way to give ANS a more specialized hydration product

Ans Performance Announces Vion

ANS Performance already had a presence or at least touched on the hydration space by way of Quench EAA, a classic amino cocktail that brings together all nine essential amino acids to support muscle recovery and repair, and electrolytes to improve hydration. It doesn’t have a dedicated hydration supplement, as we’ve seen many other sports nutrition brands come out with, but that is about to change with the imminent launch of ViON Hydration Mix.

There is actually going to be a hybrid approach in ANS Performance’s ViON Hydration Mix; in fact, that’s where it gets its name from, with V for vitamins and iON to represent electrolytes. The upcoming supplement will indeed feature a blend of vitamins and minerals for the purpose of general health and hydration. The latter is the focus of ViON, with the likes of pink Himalayan salt and coconut water in there to power hydration, performance, and recovery.

In typical fashion of hydration supplements, ANS Performance is packaging ViON Hydration Mix in single-serving stick packs for convenient serving as well as mobility for you to take with you on the go and serve wherever you need. The vitamin-reinforced hydration product is going to have 20 servings per box, so enough for four weeks if used during training five times a week, in three flavors: Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, and Orange Mango.