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Standalone creatine comes to Eddie Hall’s Beast Pharm in large 500g and 1kg bottles

Beast Pharm Creatine

Eddie Hall’s brand Beast Pharm has added a lot of products to its selection since coming to market late last year, despite that initial lineup being quite extensive and including a post-workout protein powder, two pre-workouts, and a hydration supplement. The brand is closing out this week with an essential type item, which is not something Beast has actually done before, making this the first basic, standalone product it has produced, and it says all in its name with 100% Pure Creatine.

Beast Pharm’s 100% Pure Creatine is very much that, a pure, single-ingredient bottle of tried and true creatine monohydrate to support muscle strength, size, and performance. There are two sizes of the supplement to choose from; neither of them is small in a half-kilogram with 100 servings and a double-sized single kilogram with 200 servings. The three-month supply or 100 serving is £24.95 (31.73 USD), then for the 1kg, you get twice as much for 60% more at £39.95 (50.81 USD).

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