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Believe powers up the pumps and focus in its new pre-workout Pump Addict Max

Believe Supplements Pump Addict Max

Believe Supplements is another Canadian sports nutrition company getting in on the competitive pre-workout category and reworking its competitor, similar to Nutrabolics with Supernova Legacy and Magnum with its impressively stacked Limitless X16. Believe is transforming its previously released pre-workout Pump Addict into a better all-around supplement called Pump Addict Max, where several of the original ingredients have had their dosages stepped up, plus a few new components added to the mix.

Pump Addict Max has many of the same ingredients as its predecessor, but there are some missing, including the pump and hydration-supporting glycerol, bitter orange, and the focus agent DMAE. Everything else has remained in the formula for the Max version, and many of their dosages have been taken up a notch. Ensuring you get robust pump and performance support, the brand has carried over citrulline malate and beta-alanine, but instead of 6g and 3g per serving, respectively, they’re now at 8g and 3.5g.

Believe Supplements Pump Addict Max Label

To further power pumps and performance, Believe Supplements’ Pump Addict Max has added agmatine and betaine at a rather light 800mg and 2.5g, respectively. For the sensory side of the pre-workout, specifically focus, the original dose of tyrosine has been doubled to a gram per maximum serving, and huperzine and alpha-GPC have been thrown in, the former at a hefty gram per serving. Last but not least, you get a slightly lighter hit of caffeine at 350mg, down from 400mg, and it’s alongside 200mg of theanine to smoothen out the energy.

All in all, Believe Supplements has made some improvements in Pump Addict Max, noticeably powering up the pumps with more than just citrulline malate and glycerol, and elevating the focus with a similar sort of approach. The lower level of caffeine is interesting, although at 350mg, it’ll still pack a punch, maybe not as intense as 400mg, but a punch nonetheless. The product is rolling out into stores in Believe’s home country of Canada at the end of the month in a variety of flavors at 20 full servings a tub.