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Protein specialist Boba Tea Protein shares full details on its hydration debut

Boba Tea Hydration

Week after week, sports nutrition companies are getting into the category of hydration, bringing together a variety of electrolytes to fuel hydration, performance, and recovery, and some have been throwing in additional ingredients to further support those benefits. The hugely popular and unique brand Boba Tea Protein is the latest to get into the space, and this is an interesting one, as this is not a typical sports nutrition brand; Boba Tea Protein is known for its uniquely flavored protein supplements.

Boba Tea Protein has appropriately named its upcoming product Boba Tea Hydration, and it has kept things relatively simple and to-the-point for its entry into the exploding hydration category. The upcoming supplement brings together a variety of electrolyte sources, including Himalayan pink salt and organic coconut water, providing an electrolyte breakdown of 350mg each of sodium and potassium, 240mg of chloride, 40mg of magnesium, and 90mg of calcium for a combined total of 1,070mg.

Boba Tea Hydration Label

Boba Tea Protein has included a few other features in Boba Tea Hydration, offering additional support for hydration and performance with a gram of taurine, 100% of your daily recommended intake of the reliable antioxidant vitamin c, and 5g of cane sugar as a source of carbohydrates that’ll certainly add a bit of sweetness to the taste. The brand has packaged its hydration debut in single-serving stick packs, like most other new entries, and it is going live at this coming Saturday at precisely 1PM Eastern Time in bags of 16 servings for $27.99, in the one refreshing Lychee flavor.