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LevlUp’s energy drink gets its first flavor extension in the fruity cocktail Cactus Ice

Cactus Ice Levlup Energy Drink

German gaming supplement brand LevlUp, owned by Glanbia, the same health and nutrition company behind Optimum Nutrition and BSN, has introduced the first new flavor for its canned and carbonated gaming product, the LevlUp Gaming Drink. It was actually only about a year ago that the team introduced the beverage, featuring taurine, inositol, B vitamins, and a moderate 160mg of caffeine, and in three flavors, all of which fans were familiar with, as they’re from the brand’s original Gaming Booster supplement.

The LevlUp Gaming Drink is finally getting another taste to choose from, as since the debut of the product, it has had the same three options on its menu in the dragonfruit and lychee recipe Shiny Dragon; the acai, pomegranate, and blueberry blend of Galaxy; and Nuke’s blue raspberry and lime. Flavor number four for the gaming energy drink is the 2022-released Cactus Ice, a refreshing combination of strawberry, orange, and lemon, and like the others, it’s not guilt-free, with a huge 60g of sugar and 235 calories a can.

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