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Ok makes a sugarless version of its stronger Caffeine Kick energy drink

Caffeine Kick Zero Ok Energy Drink

The giant on-the-go food company ok in Switzerland is celebrating 15 years this week, an impressive length of time, and throughout those years, it has expanded into many different corners of your local convenience store, including one that it’s very well known for and that is energy drinks. The ok beverage typically comes with 105mg of caffeine, a common amount in that part of the world, although near the end of last year, fans were treated to something a bit more intense in the Caffeine Kick ok energy drink.

Caffeine Kick is a higher caffeine version of the regular ok energizing beverage, where instead of 105mg of caffeine you get 180mg. That product was launched in the brand’s regular, sugar-filled version, but in line with its 15th anniversary, Switzerland’s ok has put together an alternative in Caffeine Kick Zero. True to its name, ok’s Caffeine Kick Zero beverage has zero sugar instead of the regular Caffeine Kick’s 36g of sugar and 152 calories, with no sugar and carbohydrates, and a much lighter 13 calories in a 330ml can.

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