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Anti-estrogen supplement Estrominate continues the innovation streak at Chaos and Pain

Chaos And Pain Estrominate

Chaos and Pain has not stopped pumping out completely new supplements these past few months, including a dedicated hydration competitor, a variety of protein-based products, and the one that gained a lot of attention and even sold out in the value-focused pre-workout Cannibal Taipan. This week the developments do not stop for the long-running hardcore supplement company with the reveal and release of Estrominate, a hormone formula that specializes in anti-estrogen support.

Chaos and Pain’s Estrominate is built entirely around the purpose of reducing and controlling estrogen, to, in turn, enhance energy and vitality, naturally boost testosterone, and increase drive and virility. The brand has done plenty of hormone health products for the testosterone-boosting side of the category, something it has actually done a lot of, and Estrominate can be stacked with those as its ingredients don’t cross over too much, and the approach is in a different sort of direction.

Chaos And Pain Estrominate Label

Estrominate is made mostly of common ingredients from the testosterone booster category, including classics like tribulus at 250mg a serving, 100mg of DIM, another 100mg of longjack, 400mg of shilajit, 5mg of boron, and the traditional ZMA blend of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. There are some not-so-common components in there, too, by way of DHEA at 12.5mg, something that is typically found as a standalone, and bulbine natelensis at 250mg in a full-size serving of three capsules.

Once again, Chaos and Pain has formulated Estrominate entirely to reduce and control estrogen and offer the benefits that come from that into a single supplement that can be used with its testosterone boosters and anabolics, like any of the Chemical Serie, Legendary, and Cannibal PCT. Directly through the brand’s online store, Estrominate will cost you $29.99 for a bottle of the usual 30 servings with no sort of introductory deal or discount, but Chaos and Pain does sales often, so keep an eye out.