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Functional innovator Chiefs tackles the light and crispy format of high-protein chips

Chiefs Protein Chips

Chiefs has proven that despite the massive amount of innovation it has rolled out over the years, it can still keep things fun, interesting, and creative. After dropping its celebratory Birthday Cake Protein Shake for its 10th birthday, followed by the multi-benefit, functional vitamin milk collection to start the year strong, it is keeping the intrigue going this month with Chiefs Protein Chips. This is a exactly what it sounds like, a bag of light, crispy, and crunchy chips that are packed full of protein.

Chiefs Protein Chips are made in the brand’s home country of Switzerland, with the chips themselves featuring a traditional circular shape and an incredibly thin main body for you to quickly and seamlessly crunch your teeth through. There are two flavors to choose from for the chip-style protein snack, both familiar, traditional chip experiences in Sweet Paprika and Sour Cream, and the nutrition profile breakdowns to 8g of protein in a 30g bag, 15g of carbohydrates, just a gram of that sugar, a low fat count of 2.7g, and all ending on a reasonable calorie count for 8g of protein at 117 to 118.

Chiefs has dabbled in many different areas of functional food such as puddings, bars, and, of course, its tasty protein shakes, so it makes sense that it expands out into other formats it has yet to touch, hence Chiefs Protein Chips. Based on how well it does in its many other different items, the brand’s latest should have no trouble delivering great taste and realistic chip-like texture, and fans can find out for themselves soon, if not already, as the product is currently making its way out to stores and stockists.

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