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Efectiv is getting back into the protein bar market in two delicious flavors

Efectiv Nutrition First Ever Protein Bar

Efectiv Nutrition in the UK has played in the functional food space before, many years ago in the Dual High Protein Bar, which, instead of coming with a single protein-packed piece per wrapper, had two pieces at 25g each, providing a combined 18g of protein. Again, that product came to market several years ago, long enough to be forgotten about, especially since it was discontinued, but Efectiv is about to get back into the category, and we mean very soon.

While we don’t have the exact name yet, Efectiv Nutrition has confirmed by way of a teaser image that it is preparing to completely reveal and then release some sort of protein bar. The graphic the brand is using to hype the item is more than enough confirmation that a protein snack in the traditional bar-format is right around the corner. There will be two flavors for the product right out of the gate; one centered around milk chocolate and the other biscuit.

Efectiv Nutrition has not passed on any details about the macros of the protein bar, although being a sports nutrition company, we’re guessing it’ll be as lean as possible while offering great taste and texture, so potentially somewhere around 15 to 20g of protein. The product is apparently in production in the United Kingdom as we write this, meaning the complete unveiling of the functional innovation and availability is likely happening within the next week or two.