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eFlow majorly steps up its pre-workout competitiveness in the premium Enrage X

Eflow Nutrition Enrage X

eFlow Nutrition has released many different versions of its pre-workout Enrage over the years, with the original Enrage, the more potent Enrage Extreme, what became the primary competitor in Enrage Black, Enrage Burn, and we can’t forget the collaboration with Relentless Labz, Activate Enrage. The brand has now gone the way we’ve seen many others take recently and put together a packed-out premium pre-workout, introducing Enrage X.

Enrage X is the most stacked entry in the eFlow Nutrition family of pre-workouts we’ve ever seen, and it certainly looks the part of a premium supplement on paper. It is currently the most expensive competitor the long-running sports nutrition brand has in the category at a regular $59.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings. You can bring that down by a substantial 25% if you subscribe to receive a bottle every 30 days, which works out to $44.99.

The formula powering the experience in eFlow Nutrition’s Enrage X is similar to Enrage Black; in fact, of the seven key ingredients in that supplement, Enrage X has six of them, but most are at significantly bigger dosages. Supporting pumps in the brand’s premium pre-workout is a hefty 10g of citrulline malate at the usual 2:1 citrulline to malic acid ratio and our preferred dose of the common betaine at 5g in a two-scoop maximum serving.

Eflow Nutrition Enrage X Label

Driving performance for Enrage X is half a gram of the electrolyte source pink Himalayan salt, twice the amount of the proven muscle builder Senactiv than Enrage Black at 50mg, and a double dose of beta-alanine at 6.4g. There is also 20mg of the sweat-inducing GBB, and the rest of the formula eFlow Nutrition has stacked into this one is for energy and focus, with 2mg of the ever-potent alpha yohimbine and a combined 400mg of caffeine.

As mentioned, eFlow Nutrition has stepped up its game in Enrage X, giving fans a genuine premium pre-workout, that allows those who want to spend more money for a more intense experience to do precisely that. Once again, you can get your hands on Enrage X directly through the brand’s online store at its highest price point for the category at $59.99, and there is only one flavor to choose from at the moment in the icy sweet Blue Slush.