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eFlow Nutrition and Relentless Labz reveal their pre-workout collaboration Activate Enrage

Relentless Labz Eflow Nutrition First Look At Activate Enrage

eFlow Nutrition and Relentless Labz recently announced they are coming out with a collaboration, where the two typically competing sports nutrition brands have come together and created something between them. Previously, the two had only confirmed the partnership, not saying absolutely anything about the product the two had teamed for, although this week, as we edge closer to its arrival, we’ve got a preview of the collaboration.

Based on the supplements we’ve seen from the many other sports nutrition brands that have come together and crafted a collaboration, we suspected eFlow Nutrition and Relentless Labz’ special edition item to be a pre-workout of some kind. As you can see in the image above, that is precisely what the two well-established companies have done, introducing a comprehensive pre-workout named after each of their own flagship products.

Coming soon from eFlow Nutrition and Relentless Labz is Activate Enrage, Activate being the pre-workout from Relentless Labz, and Enrage from eFlow Nutrition. For now, the picture of the supplement is all we have, with no further details about any of its ingredients or dosages. It does promise support for energy, focus, and pumps, so the formula is going to be well-rounded, and it has plenty of space for respectable doses at 15.6g a serving.

eFlow Nutrition and Relentless Labz are actually launching their pre-workout collaboration Activate Enrage in a little more than one week on the 4th Of July. Basically, fans of either brand or just pre-workouts in general will want to have their wallets ready come that day, and also keep in mind it will be Independence Day, so there will likely be some strong deals and discounts available when shopping direct with eFlow or Relentless.