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Lower dose of Curcmin C3 leads to a 40% cheaper price tag for Ekkovision’s essential Multivitamin

Ekkovision Cost Effective Multivitamin

Ekkovision came out with an essential-style daily supplement last year, something that is a core part of most hard-training individuals’ stacks, in a multivitamin, and it is named precisely that, Multivitamin. Almost one year after that product came to market, the brand is relaunching it in a much more cost-effective version, although it’s realistically not that different. While there are plenty of savings to be had in the updated Multivitamin, the brand has changed only one thing in the supplement.

The original Multivitamin from Ekkovision has you covered from end to end when it comes to vitamins and minerals; then, to make it a little something extra, it has added the premium Curcumin C3 Complex, the multi-benefit ashwagandha, and Lutemax for eye and vision health. The curcumin was included at a respectable amount of 500mg, but for the new version, that has come down to 100mg, with everything else staying exactly the same or at least in the same area, and again, the price has fallen a lot.

In exchange for the lighter dose of Curcumin C3 Complex, Ekkovision is selling its reworked Multivitamin for 32% cheaper at $29.99 before any coupon code discount, compared to the original’s $43.99. There is also going to be a 50% larger value size that has a three-month supply at 90 servings instead of 60. That obviously saves you even more money, working out to be 11% or so cheaper per serving than the 60 serving with the new formula and a huge 40% more cost-effective next to the first iteration.