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Protein cookie specialist EQ Food previews its sandwich crisps protein snack

Eq Foods Previews Protein Sandwich Crisps

EQ Food is mostly known for its nutritional-varying high-protein cookies, with The Lean Protein Cookie, The Growth Protein Cookie, and its most famous one, the supremely high-calorie, mass gainer-like The XL Protein Cookie. The Australian brand does also have protein bars on the market as well as protein-packed crackers, and very soon, it is getting another extension to its functional food catalog with Protein Sandwich Crisps, which look and sound like another attempt at protein-heightened crackers.

Based on the name, we gather that however EQ Food’s Protein Sandwich Crisps turn out, they’re going to be slightly different from its previously released crackers, either way, at the moment, we don’t have full details on the product, only a sneak peek. It is high in protein, although that crucial fact is not something the brand has openly shared with fans yet. With that in mind, judging by the brand’s other functional foods, we assume the nutrition profile of the snack is fair and probably similar to some of its other items.

EQ Food has not officially launched Protein Sandwich Crisps, that is coming in the very near future, and when it comes to flavors, we can confirm there will be three to choose from at launch, all classic chip or cracker tastes in Original, Salt & Pepper, and Barbeque.

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