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Crank Energy Drink is getting an iced tea twist in ESN’s latest flavor innovations

Esn Iced Tea Flavors Of Crank Energy

German market leader ESN entered the energy drink market last year with a product called Crank Energy, and while many sports nutrition brands have been getting a bit more complex and advanced in the formulas that go into their competitors, that’s not the case on this one. The Crank Energy Drink stays pretty simple and straightforward with a blend of vitamins, electrolytes, guarana, inositol, and a moderate 160mg of caffeine, all with no sugar and an almost guilt-free calorie count of 20 in a 500ml can.

The Crank Energy Drink was initially rolled out in three flavors, with Tropical, Original — a signature traditional energy drink taste — and lastly, the mysterious named White. Two more flavors of ESN’s grab-and-go energy solution are about to become available; in fact, they’re going live at precisely 6PM local time this evening. The extensions actually have a similar theme to one another, separate from the other tastes with Peach Iced Tea and Lemon Iced Tea, once again, both launching later today.

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