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Foodspring freshens up the summer season in a seasonal Strawberry Basil flavor of its clear protein

Food Spring Strawberry Basil Clear Whey

Over in the UK and Europe, clear-style protein powder has been popular and widely available for several years despite it only really becoming more familiar and reaching mainstream status here in North America more recently. One of the many more known names in the industry in that part of the world that’s got plenty of experience in the protein subcategory is Foodspring, which doesn’t do too bad in its various options of the obviously named Clear Whey, and for Summer in Europe, it has been given another taste.

Purely for the sunny summer season, Foodspring has released a special edition strawberry flavor of Clear Whey, and it is a bit more than just strawberry, as the official title of the taste explains in Strawberry Basil Smash. It is a blend of strawberry and the unique experience of basil, all in the form of a protein shake, providing 25g of protein, all from high-quality whey isolate, 1.2g of carbohydrates, half a gram of sugar, practically no fat, and 111 calories, and again, it is only available for the duration of the season.

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