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Hell Energy’s signature flavor gets a limited-edition football-loving reskin

Football Fanatic Hell Energy Drink

The hugely popular European energy drink, Hell Energy, is showing its love for the sport of football, the most popular sport in that part of the world, by dressing up its signature product in a special edition design reflecting that love. The Classic flavor of the Hell Energy Drink features an original taste, available in a slim and sleek 250ml can, has a blend of B vitamins and 80mg of caffeine for energy, and there is a bit of nutrition at 10g of carbohydrates, all of that sugar, for 47 calories.

As mentioned, Hell Energy has dressed up its signature Classic flavor in a football jersey-style design called Football Fanatic, to indeed, show its support for the sport of football, as well as let fans get in on the action and share their love for football every day of the week, not just game days. The taste of the beverage, ingredients, and dosages are all exactly the same inside the can; it is purely a temporary reskin that is said to be rolling out into the market in Europe in the coming months

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