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Haleo gets together with Eight Crowns for a sweet Manuka honey flavor of its protein gelato

Haleo Prolata Manuka Mascarpone

Prolata is a deliciously sweet and creamy high-protein gelato from the popular Japanese sports nutrition brand Haleo that came to market in the second half of last year in the one traditional, rich, and decadent Chocolate flavor. The product packs a bit more than the usual amount of protein for a functional food at 25g per pot with a reasonable amount of carbohydrates at 11.2g, 7.8g of that sugar, the fat stays respectably low at 4.6g, and the calories put it closer to a protein shake more than a protein bar at 181.

After being available for about ten months, Haleo has followed up its original Chocolate Prolata high-protein gelato with a second flavor, and while the first outing was certainly a classic experience, that is not the case for the second. Directly through the health and nutrition brand’s online store beginning this month is a Manuka Marscapone Prolata, which is collaboratively made with Eight Crowns’ premium New Zealand-sourced Manuka honey, offering a mouthwateringly sweet honey-type taste with a similar nutrition profile of a slightly lower 21g of protein, but also less carbohydrates, leading to 167 calories.

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