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Jocko puts key electrolytes, effective dosages and no sugar in its sports drink innovation

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Sports nutrition brands all across the industry have been climbing their way into the fast-growing category of hydration, many taking straightforward approaches and some mixing it up and rolling together advanced formulations for additional complementing benefits, all in powder format. There have been a few hydration beverages but not many, and tomorrow, the space is getting a promising competitor from Jocko Willink’s brand Jocko, and it is named very simply, Jocko Hydrate.

The popular brand from Jocko Willink has taken what sounds like a relatively obvious way to go when it comes to sports drinks and Jocko Hydrate, although it is still not one you see often. The goal of the product is to help you put back the key electrolytes you sweat out when performing intense exercise, like a workout in the gym. The beverage has a combined electrolyte count of well over a gram, breaking down to 540mg of chloride, 200mg of potassium, 300mg of sodium, and 100mg of magnesium.

Jocko Hydrate Drink 1

Another proud feature of Jocko Hydrate is the fact that it doesn’t have any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, leaving a clean and clear liquid that still provides all of the crucial benefits, improving hydration, performance, endurance, and recovery. The beverage still promises a refreshing and supremely enjoyable taste experience, all without absolutely any sugar and a low calorie count of 15 in a 16oz bottle.

Again, Jocko Willink and his brand Jocko and officially launching Jocko Hydrate tomorrow, over at, and right away, there are going to be four flavors to choose from, all of them centered around a familiar fruit flavor. The menu is made up of the classic citrus recipe Lemon Lime, Island Orange, and two of the most common flavors in sports nutrition supplements, Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry.