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Heavily-hyped Doomsday pre-workout gets a sequel and it retails for over $100

Leviathan Labz Doomsday Hardcore

The UK retailer Predator Nutrition gained a lot of attention with a stimulant pre-workout it launched not too long ago called Doomsday from a brand called Leviathan Labz. We’re unsure as to whether Leviathan is a house brand or not, as we couldn’t find it outside of Predator; either way, there is a sequel, and it has strong words behind it. The new version has changed the formula a bit but still maintained its focus on stimulants, and it goes by the name Doomsday Hardcore.

Leviathan Labz hasn’t made any drastic changes for Doomsday Hardcore; it actually has all of the same ingredients as the original minus one, and that is bauhinia purpurea, which was famously found in USP Labs’ DMAA-era fat burner OxyElite Pro. Everything else from the first iteration of the product has been carried over to Doomsday Hardcore, with a blend of betaine, creatine monohydrate, cymbidium goeringii, cacao extract, caffeine anhydrous, eria jarensis, and kigelia africana.

The one other change Leviathan Labz has made from Doomsday to Doomsday Hardcore, is the combined weight of all of the ingredients has marginally gone up, despite the removal of bauhinia purpurea. Instead of tipping the scales at 5.5g per serving, the combination of everything in the hardcore pre-workout is a pinch higher at 5.6g. On the inside, not a lot has changed, but as mentioned, Predator Nutrition is promoting the sequel pre-workout with some promising statements.

Predator Nutrition has shared some of the positive feedback it’s received for Leviathan Labz Doomsday Hardcore, and it is that, that’s doing all the talking. The retailer has highlighted people drawing comparisons with Doomsday Hardcore and the original Craze and Jack3d, which certainly makes it sound like an interesting experience in the gym. Predator has started selling the Doomsday Hardcore pre-workout this week, and its cost is definitely on the premium side with a regular price of £84.98 (107.92 USD) for a tub of 30 servings, or get a single-serving sample at £5.99 (7.61 USD).