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LevlUp continues its premium two-in-one approach from Reload Edition in Gamerade

Levlup Gamerade

LevlUp in Germany brought something quite interesting to market at the start of last year by way of its Reload Edition. It isn’t another flavor or special edition taste like we typically see from the gaming supplement company; it is a blend of its two star products, Gaming Booster for energy and focus, and Hydrate for hydration and performance. The supplement was expected to only be around temporarily, but it is still available over at in its original and unique Mango Pitanga flavor.

If you were wanting a different flavor to choose from for LevlUp’s Reload Edition or even just proof that the hybrid product combining the best of both worlds, is here for good, the Glanbia-owned German brand has released Gamerade. The all-new Gamerade features the same ingredients, dosages, and benefits as Reload Edition, blending Gaming Booster and Hydrate into the one supplement, including a variety of key electrolytes, taurine, tyrosine for focus, and a moderate 160mg of caffeine.

The name isn’t the only area that separates LevlUp’s Gamerade from Reload Edition, as it does indeed bring with it a fresh new taste to choose from, pairing the energizing, focusing, and hydrating ingredients with a flavor like Powerade’s legendary Mountain Berry Blast. Further enforcing that inspiration is the color theme used on Gamerade and, of course, the name itself, with fans able to head to starting this week to get their hands on Gamerade for Reload Edition’s price at €44.99.

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